About us

Our love for natural materials and our craft allows us to implement outstanding projects every day. We pass on this passion and fascination to you!

Our team

Robert Stelzl

Robert Stelzl

Managing Director, Consultant and Site Manager

Monika Stelzl

Monika Stelzl


A video says more than 1000 words

Our motivation

The topics "health and sustainability" are very important to us. We are of the opinion that an intact environment for future generations and thus the enjoyment of beautiful parquet and floor coverings can only be guaranteed if we also make our contribution to the preservation and sustainable protection of our planet. However, the health of the daily users of our materials plays an equally important role for us. We are of the opinion that the use of floors of any kind must not represent any restrictions or risks to health. Therefore, the careful selection of all materials used is of the utmost importance to us.

„Since our company was founded, we have attached great importance to harmonizing tradition and innovation. Sustainability plays an extremely important role in all our decisions.“ - Robert Stelzl, Managing Director

History of our company

Our master business was founded in 1931 by Karl Stelzl. Already at this time the terms "tradition, innovation and sustainability" were valid. Karl Stelzl invented an absolute world novelty, the first parquet sanding machine with dust extraction, called "TORNADO". This sanding machine was sold successfully in Munich and the surrounding area and contributed significantly to the fact that our company became well-known and successful. Founded as a carpenter's workshop, Siegfried Stelzl successfully continued his business until 2004. The difficult situation on this market and after Robert Stelzl took over the management of the company, the company specialised in the laying, renovation and trading of parquet and floor coverings.

Some references

  • Reconstruction "Japanese School" - Architect's Office Diepold
  • Restaurant "Sausolitos", Munich-Pasing
  • Architect's Office „White Cube Living“
  • Munich police station, Bad-Schachener-Straße
  • Weber prefabricated house – BV Heck, Grünwald
  • BMW Alpina, Herr Bovensiepen senior
  • Munich City Museum
  • Isar-Amper-Clinic, München-Ost, Customer since 1993
  • ArabellaSheraton Grand Hotel – „Ducktail’s Bar“
  • Benedictine Abbey of Saint Boniface, dining room and staircase
  • Munich Building Department II, Ettstraße Police Headquarters
  • Diesel Store, Munich
  • Holiday Inn Hotel – „König Ludwig Stüberl“
  • Paulaner Am-Nockherberg – Ballroom
  • Marriot Hotel, Customer since 2003
  • C.H. Beck Verlag (Justice), Customer since 1984
  • Bavarian State Library, Customer since 2008
  • Sabel, Business and language schools, Customer since 2008
  • Munich City Museum
  • Diesel Store, Munich
  • Giorgio Armani (Clothes)
  • und viele weitere zufriedene Kunden

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