Common Questions

We have collected frequently asked questions about flooring. Find an answer to your question quickly!
  • What should I pay attention to when using my parquet floor?

    We recommend that you use your parquet floor with the "necessary care". By this we mean, for example, that in the entrance area and on the balcony and patio doors doormats and/or clean running mats are laid out. These protect your parquet floor from dirt, slush and small stones (e.g. grit).

  • How can I protect my parquet floor from damage?

    We recommend that at tables, chairs, sofas, etc. felt or plastic glides. Avoid walking on the parquet floor with street shoes or women's shoes with spiked heels. Penny heels cause unattractive pressure marks and cannot be removed. Under swivel chairs, polycarbonate underlays should be laid out and swivel chairs equipped with standard castors (type W). Do not place mattresses directly on the parquet floor. Condensation water can collect underneath and this can lead to mould growth.

  • Can liquids such as water, wine, etc. damage my parquet floor?

    Yes. Spilled liquids should be removed immediately, but at least promptly. This prevents the liquid from penetrating into the parquet floor and causing unattractive swelling or discoloration. We recommend that you use waterproof trays (coasters) for flower pots.

  • How quickly can I enter my freshly oiled or sealed parquet floor?

    You can enter the parquet the next morning, after the last sealant or after the last oil coat. Carpets should only be laid after approx. 1 week to ensure that the surface is completely dry/cured.

  • How can I gently clean my parquet, laminate or cork floor?

    For gentle cleaning, we recommend removing dirt with a broom and/or vacuum cleaner.

  • Can I wipe my parquet floor damp?

    You can wipe your parquet floor damp. This also applies to laminate and cork floors. However, care should be taken to ensure that the mop is well wrung out (damp) and no longer wet. Clear water is sufficient for normal maintenance. You can also add a commercially available parquet care product for sealed or oiled parquet floors to the water. Care products are also available for laminate and cork floors.

  • How often can I wipe my floor damp?

    You can wipe your floor with a damp cloth as required. Also daily. Please make sure, however, that you only wipe damp.

  • How do I remove heavy soiling?

    We recommend using special cleaning agents to remove heavy soiling. These are adapted to the surface of your floor. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right cleaning agent.

  • Can I use a steam cleaner for cleaning?

    Under no circumstances should a steam cleaner be used for cleaning. The steam penetrates into the edges and this can cause swelling.

  • Do I have to take extensive care of my laminate?

    No. The laminate flooring does not require any special care. Wiping the floor damp following the instructions or vacuuming it regularly is sufficient to have a permanently beautiful laminate floor.

  • What should I pay attention to when cleaning regularly?

    Regular cleaning of a parquet, laminate or cork floor is very easy. It is sufficient to remove the dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Additionally it can be wiped with clear water.

  • What makes a good parquet floor?

    A good parquet floor can be recognized, among other things, by the thickness of the wear layer, but also by the clean processing of the Click system or the tongue and groove joint. A further quality feature is the clean surface treatment (no inclusions in the varnish) and the sorting, which means that the characteristics correspond to the manufacturer's own specifications (the sorting characteristics are published e.g. by the company "Weitzer Parkett" in the price list). Another characteristic is the origin of the raw material. At a time when sustainability and health are becoming increasingly important, this characteristic is gaining in importance. We have decided to do without tropical woods for our own sake. It is not clear to us whether the woods used and the production conditions of so-called "China goods" meet our high standards of sustainable forestry and fair working conditions. This assessment also includes the paints, oils and adhesives used, which cannot be judged satisfactorily for us on their harmlessness. We therefore expressly support the initiative of "Weitzer Parkett" to completely dispense with tropical woods, to use only woods from European forests and to maintain the production of parquet floors in Europe.

  • Do you lay parquet on underfloor heating?

    Yes, we lay parquet flooring on underfloor heating and any other floor covering, as long as it is suitable! Please contact us if you have any further questions or visit us at our exhibition in Munich.

  • How warm can I set my underfloor heating?

    The underfloor heating must not exceed a surface temperature of 27 degrees Celsius for parquet floors, otherwise strong joint formation, bulging and adhesive tearing are to be expected.

  • What is the right indoor climate?

    The human being and the wood feel comfortable under the same conditions. The right climate means that the relative humidity is between 55 and 60 %. This ensures that the parquet floor has only a small and natural joint formation. The recommended value can be checked with a standard hygrometer. If necessary, we recommend the use of humidifiers or another source of moisture during the heating period.

  • What advantages does a Weitzer Parkett product have over other parquet floors?

    Weitzer Parkett uses for its products completely tested ingredients according to the EC 1 standard, which can be completely tested by us as a service provider, but also by you as a customer. Weitzer Parkett is also aware of its ecological responsibility and does not use any tropical woods at all. Weitzer Parkett obtains its raw material wood exclusively from sustainable, European forestry. Another argument in favour of Weitzer Parkett products is that all products bear the "Blue Angel" seal of quality. Thus Weitzer Parkett meets the high health requirements.

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